Face of the month – Sebastian

Sebastian is a very talented developer who is always calm, very patient in stressful situations and always optimistic about life.

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Why do you work here? Why Chilid, why Gliwice?

“Chilid” because I heard some positive opinions about this company and it’s near my university.


How do you recharge?

If it’s good weather, I often ride my motorbike.

Which apps do you use daily (versus occasionally)?

Forza to check the match results, messenger to communicate with people, stackoverflow to copy and paste code ];->

How long have you worked as a front-end developer?

I have been working at Chilid for 2 years and 8 months but I’ve been interested in creating websites for quite a few years longer.  I created my first website in primary school.

What are your other interests outside of work?

I try to spend my free time in an active way. I play football with my friends and I cultivate winter sports – skating, snowboarding.

Any hidden talents?

I trained in martial arts for 10 years. I know some self-defence techniques!Gif from the competition: http://sebastianmusial.pl/KO.gif

In what direction are you going now?

I will keep going forward and improve my JS skills.

Your favourite kind of music?

I listen to rock music in various forms.

Tabs or spaces?

Of course, only spaces …

How do we make you a nice surprise?

Just give me something sweet, a piece of chocolate is perfect.


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