9 award-winning reasons to choose Chilid

Here at Chilid, we’re dedicated to our craft: human-centred design with bespoke front-end development. But why do we do what we do?

We do it for the joy of providing elegant and innovative digital products that meet (and exceed!) our clients’ business needs and expectations. We’re definitely not in this game for fame and glory.

However, when our work is acknowledged by, let’s say, an award then sure, we’re happy. Because that award tells us that not only are we doing great, high-quality work for our clients but we’re also outstanding in our field. And that’s a good feeling!

Over the last few years, we’ve collected a number of accolades from the likes of Awwwards.com, CSSREEL and Indigo. So here, in no particular order, are nine examples of award-winning work by Chilid…

Reason #1: Teal Workspace

The “Teal Workspace Concept by Chilid” is an answer to the needs of Teal organizations. Our landing page presents a variety of functional spaces that contribute to our great working atmosphere, encouraging transparency, clear communications and teamworking.

Chilid’s stylish animated demo of our Teal workspaces has been officially recognized no less than three times! Firstly, by CSSREEL, the premier web template design specialist, then by the Indigo Design Awards in the website category, and finally by Awwwards.com, the website that recognizes awesome design, creativity and innovation on the Internet.

In fact, Chilid has a long history of recognition by Awwwards with a running total of nine Honorable Mentions for our designs. For more examples of our work that has caught the Awwwards judges’ attention, read on…

Reason #2: Omnisquare

OmniSquare specializes in comprehensive implementation of B2C and B2B e-commerce projects and PCM (Product Content Management) based on the SAP Hybris platform. For their website, we kept things simple with just a single WordPress-backed page, focused on the OmniSquare’s very niche client group, that was acknowledged by Awwwards as being clean and readable with great performance.

Reason #3: Hush Selected

For Hush, one of Poland’s leading ready to wear brands, we built a website to support the company’s fashion contest. We received an Awwwards Honorable Mention for our handling of the overall architecture, graphic design and implementation, ensuring the site’s seamless running (including the interactive voting mechanism) across a variety of devices.

Reason #4: Cash Security Tec (CST)

CST is a German company focused on keeping money safe while in transit, providing services to banks, casinos, gas stations, retail companies and more. When they came to us for a website as part of a company rebranding exercise, CST were hoping for a solution which tackled a  visually unattractive subject – secure cases for transporting money.

We opted for a classic presentation (taking a subtly vintage approach to the images) to appeal to CST’s customer base but emphasized the modern product features with clear text and engaging video. All of which found favor with Awwwards.

>>Check out Cash Security Tec Case Study

Reason #5: Viners, Oneida Ltd.


Viners is a UK brand of cutlery, a subsidiary company of Oneida Limited, one of the world’s largest designers and sellers of stainless steel cutlery and tableware for both the food service industries and individual consumers.

The Awwward-winning Chilid web design focused on creating a powerful e-commerce site, functioning across all devices and bringing users a pleasant and easy online purchasing experience.

>>To learn more read Viners Case Study

Reason #6: EveryWare Global, Oneida Ltd.


Another subsidiary of Oneida Limited and another Awwwards Honorable Mention for Chilid. The premise for this site was “Designing the dining experience” and the result was a fully responsive product showing the client’s brand in the best light and showcasing its  considerable online catalogue of exclusive products.

>>Interested? Read our Case Study to learn more

Reason #7: Chilid Hi-End Web Design

If you believe the old adage that “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” then you’d have low expectations of our own website at Chilid. Obviously, that would be wrong and our ‘children’ have always had fine footwear. This previous version of the Chilid website scored highly at Awwwards, not least because it presented our philosophy of transforming real-life experiences into web form in an attractive and engaging manner.

Reason #8: XSolve, the agile software house

If you’re a leading edge software designer and your sister company specializes in high-end web design, when it comes to finding someone to build your website, the choice is obvious. For Chilid’s ‘other half’ the result was a classic, elegant website that received an Awwwards Honorable Mention. The clean design makes XSolve stand out from its peers in the market with its clarity of communication and intuitive mode of use.

Reason #9: Chilid’s History

Many company websites have a history page. After all, if you’ve been in business successfully for a while, it’s good to tell your story (and point out to potential clients that you’re not some here-today-gone-tomorrow outfit). But when it came to our history at Chilid, we wanted to showcase our design skills and show something a little more exciting than a static timeline. Besides, we started out as a small-scale movie studio so maybe moving pictures are part of our DNA?

When this page was recognized by Awwwards, we’d been around for seven years. Now approaching the end of our first decade, joining together with our sister company XSolve in new venture Boldare promises more excitement in the future.

Maybe the greatest evidence of the quality of our work at Chilid is in the responses we’ve had from our clients and users, no further proof that we’re hitting the right notes it required. But when we do receive an award or acknowledgement from our expert industry peers… well, that’s just the cherry on the cake – a cherry that we use as motivation to produce even better products in future.

Our collection of cherries is growing…