About us

we are Chilid — web agency that challenges user-centered design with bespoke front-end development.


Our Customers love working with us because we precisely transform real-life experiences into the web. Even though most of the time we are not in their office, our process enables the communication as if we were always there.

We are a team of designers, developers and doers. Get some insights into our daily work, fun, and much more: thoughts, inspirations, knowledge and tips. No-one needs to be convinced that creativity requires regular dozes of inspiration and different perspectives. We think that the environment in which you create something really matters.

Our team is often called a “sect” by those who find it difficult to believe how much we do together, how strongly we inspire each other and how much we absorb from the environment.

We often travel to feel trends elsewhere, organise our own events on our own beach in the middle of the town and almost all the time we listen to music, but most of all, we like each other and love spending time together. Here and there, you can find posts about a lot of these things, as well as about our passions.

Enjoy our content on the quintessence of implementation simplicity  – default WordPress Theme. Above all, we value the efficiency and … fun. That’s what.


Chilid Office

Chilid office spring

Chilid office spring with Bolo

Chilid insideChilid black and whiteChilid office

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Website with some nice work done: chilid.com
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