Agile Office Equipment list – tips from a CEO on how to win the battle with the greatest enemies of your workspace

We came up with a list of selected pieces of furniture, accessories, and decorations that surround us while we’re working (all picked by ourselves). We’d like to share it with you so that our work could prove inspiring to you too.

Chilid Agile Office Equipment

Design is our principal focus at Chilid. It’s something we breathe every day, a core element as we develop web products. For us, product design is central to our strategy when building web apps for our clients and not surprisingly, we apply our design sense to creating new solutions in our surroundings.

The place where you spend your daily work time has a great impact on that work. That’s why we designed our office interiors and chose each and every detail ourselves.

Following the strategy we described in this post, we created our agile office from scratch. The space offered by an old ruined school was the perfect canvas to make our design dreams come true.

Like everyone, we have our own values at Chilid. And like everyone, we hang them on the walls. We really try to live by them every day and so they became the foundation on which we designed our office.

They were embodied both in the space around us and in the design details we chose.

Do you want to have a great office that supports your values?
  • define your vision clearly (that’s obvious, but stop a moment and be sure that you can);
  • define your values clearly – that helps to establish your priorities each time the architects are at a loss or, if you’re losing your focus; make sure you know exactly what your values imply, which ones are most important to you, and how they should influence the work of your team;
  • define the quality standards and goals clearly

Our goal lays somewhere between “No Bullshit”, “Form Follows Function” and “The User is King”.
Agile Office Equipment list values

Our main priority when choosing each element of our office (and we chosed each and every single one on our own) was fighting the greatest enemies of any space where you spend a lot of time.

These enemies are:

Enemy 1  – design over function
don’t be distracted by novelty or good looks, instead ensure that all accessories fulfill a function in their surroundings.

Enemy 2 – expensive things you’re afraid to use
a) invest in the quality of materials, solutions, and design, but remember – value for money is what matters;
b) find the best things at the best prices – we spent plenty of time looking for the best value products. 

Enemy 3 – the feeling that you’ve been in a new space a hundred times before
our “no IKEA” idea was based on a general approach to quality that assumed that ours should not be a typical office, especially in terms of durability of materials; also, the ubiquity of this brand was not in line with our idea of a unique office.

Enemy 4 – useless objects
have no more than you need: random, unnecessary things scattered around the room will interrupt you all the time, distracting you unnecessarily and spoiling the flow of the space around you.

A gift for you all as a result of our fight

Having successfully fought all of the above, as Chilid and XSolve we came up with the list of selected pieces of furniture, accessories, and decorations that surround us while we’re working. We’d like to share it with you so that our work can prove inspiring to you too.

We really believe it’s a great idea to invest in creating your own space: we allocated our CEO’s time for that (maybe that wasn’t too reasonable) – you certainly have someone who’d be good at it. Taking care of every single detail may be costly, but isn’t it a case of looking after your best investment: your people and the surroundings that make them eager to come to work every day?

Download the amazing agile workspace equipment list here!


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Agile Office Furniture & Equipment List