An innovative workplace that reflects the non-managerial structure (photo album)

Open Space 2.0

We share our agile workplace with our older brother – XSolve. We often work together, not only in terms of product development but also during any internal initiatives. To make our cooperation as smooth as possible, we have made our companies teal organizations – self-organized and self-managed. Instead of telling anyone literally “what to do”, we follow what we have developed over the years and we transparently share the results of all work.

The future of business is followed by the future workplace. This model of work requires an environment where we can adapt to change and communicate quickly. That’s why we decided to arrange an open space, not an old-school, corporation-like style. We’ve made it not only about desks but also standing workstations, bouncy balls we can sit on, beanbags, hammocks or a swing. After 13 years of various experiments with space arrangement, we are at a point when we can safely say that an open-concept space has great benefits for an organization.


No reception

You don’t have to sit at the table all day long. Invest in cafe-style tables instead.

 One printer
For every 100 employees, increases communication and random interactions.


One coffee machine
For every 100 employees, to encourage flow of people, increase communication and random interactions

“As the company was growing exponentially, I wanted to create a work environment that would suit the specific needs of our agile and creative teams and also allow us to preserve as well as cultivate our culture of transparency, teamwork, and communication”emphasize Anna Zarudzka, Chilid Founder.




 Why we love it?

It’s very easy to move around here as we’ve invested a lot in workstations and equipment: whiteboards on wheels, comfortable chairs, 24” monitors and handle kits, customized desks with a retracted middle leg so people can easily join their colleagues and work alongside them. To increase our transparency, even more, we’ve hung several TV screens on our walls. We cast our project status on a daily basis and even give financial stats about our company so that everyone is up to date with the latest news.

We’ve removed all partitions so that we can easily see and talk to each other. Also, we can spontaneously gather whenever we want. After we moved to our new office, we ran a short survey, asking our employees about their thoughts on this new agile space.

The results clearly showed that our open space concept has had a very positive impact on the internal information flow, improved the communication within teams and increased their productivity.

Scroll down and breath with our atmosphere for a while.