Face of Chilid – Marta

This is the second time! Congratulations Marta for winning the title of face of the month again. Marta is our Chilid torpedo. Every day, she infects us with her optimism and energy for action.

How do you feel as the twice-awarded Face of the Month?
It is a big honour for me to be the Face of the month a second time and honestly, it was a huge surprise! Recently, I took care of trainee recruitment and I suppose for that engagement, I have been rewarded. I dedicated a lot of time to checking recruitment tasks, interviews, and feedback, but you know what is best? That it was a pleasure for me and I never expected to be the face of the month for doing it.

Do you have any strange phobias?
I’m not afraid of spiders if they are not too big and not too fast, but what really disgusts me is pouring leftover soup out, you’d better not ask why …

If you had to only eat one type of food for a year, what meal would it be?
Italian pizza and the keyword is Italian 🙂 Only when I feel the smell of basil is my mood instantly better. In the past, I didn’t care about the type of pizza, whether it was Italian, American or “Polish”. Now, I really care about the quality of the sauce, made from real tomatoes, mozzarella, a thin bottom of the pizza and, of course, it must come from a wood-fired oven. If I wasn’t a frontend developer, then I would definitely become a pizzaiolo

What was your childhood nickname?
I was always Marta, no nicknames, no diminutives

Favourite dish in your favourite restaurant?
You would never guess…pizza 😉 there are 3 top pizzerias in Katowice and whichever one I visit, I am never disappointed.

Which apps do you use daily (versus occasionally)?
Facebook and slack, those social apps are really important to me as I need to keep in touch with people. What is more, slack, which is supposed to be just a tool for work, is like another Facebook for me, a place where I can chat with guys from the office in my free time… and I almost forgot Spotify! I listen to music on that app during my daily work, in the car, and in the evening at home, almost all the time.

Who did you want to be as a kid?
I was considering myself as a cabin crew member – a stewardess. You may ask why; well, I love travelling and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to work and enjoy discovering the world at the same time. Later on, after reading some blogs, I noticed the drawbacks of that job.

Favourite movies or tv series?
I recently finished Suits and I liked it very much but I’m a little bit upset that Meghan Markle will no longer be starring. Besides Suits, I used to watch Dexter and Breaking Bad, I recommend them if you haven’t seen them yet, but I guess you already did as I usually discover such “gems” well after the first time …