Face of the month – Kati, our product owner

Kati is a person of small body, but a big heart. She always has a rational approach to work and an excellent contact with the team. This time the award goes to her. Congratulations!

What is the most famous period in the history of art?

The moment when I started to paint! It will be legendary, I promise!

How is it possible to look so young after thirty?

Well, it’s weightlifting, dancing, Prosecco, laughing, and more of the same. BTW the real question is, who the hell is after thirty anyway?

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If you had just one box for all of your stuff, what would you put in it?

I would put my dog, my friends, their dogs and a bottle of Prosecco. This marvellous combination never fails.

How do you recharge?

Can I answer Prosecco for the third time in this interview? Actually I am always in charging mode.

Is there something that you are especially proud of?

I am proud of my dog. He is able to track down a man in the forest at night.

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Which skills do you use daily rather than just occasionally?

I use almost all of my skills, especially at work, in order to survive.

Why Chilid?

Because they offered me jellies and taught me how to make friends with our Arab clients.

How long have you worked as a Product Owner / Business Owner?  

Since I invited the whole company for a beer by accident.

What direction are you going in now?

Where my golden shoes take me.

How can someone surprise you?

It’s almost impossible to surprise me. I am always one step ahead of you.