Face of Chilid – Mateusz, our Front End Developer

Mateusz has a positive attitude to life. He is always smiling from ear to ear. He is a wonderful and talented developer, and so the October award has been presented to him. Congratulations, Mateusz!

Why do you work here? Why Chilid, why Gliwice?
I began my studies at the Silesian University of Technology a few years ago. I am a lover of design, so when I heard about Chilid and the beautiful products they develop, I knew I would find inner peace here.

How long have you worked as a front-end developer?
I joined Chilid eight months ago, but I have been working as a front-end developer for almost 2 years.

face of the month - Mateusz

Tell me, what is the most interesting thing about your job?
My work is challenging. When I get up in the morning I am not sure what I will be doing for the rest of the day, which is pretty awesome. I don’t want to get stuck in a rut.

What are your other interests outside of work?
I am trying to lead an active lifestyle. I’m into mountain biking, and gym during the winter. I also enjoy a good TV series or crime novel in the evening.

How do you recharge?
I do salsation on Monday evenings. It gives me enough energy for the whole week! (laughs).

What’s on your bucket list?
My bucket list should be named “The Great American Bucket List.” I just want to go on a road trip across the US and feel the vibe I experienced in various movies.

Your favourite dish in your favourite pub?
Maybe not very sophisticated – Greek Style Lamb Burger in Moa. Love it.

If you had just one box for all of your stuff, what would you put in it?
My Kindle and some jelly candies.

Which apps do you use daily?
Apart from the regular apps that everyone uses, I use Squid – it’s my “news buddy.”

Your favourite kind of music?
I am definitely a music lover and enjoy listening to different types of music, but most frequently I listen to Polish rap.

What’s playing in your headphones right now?
Otsochodzi/Taco Hemingway – Nowy Kolor

Tabs or spaces?
Spaces ftw!