Holacracy Practitioners Meetup #2 — was it better anyhow?

We’re turquoise (teal) organisation… as almost everybody now? 🙂

For the second time under the Chilid roof, we organized the Holacracy Practitioners Meetup — a meeting for people applying the principles of holacracy and anybody who wants to learn something from these ‘organisational ‘adventurers’. The key purpose of the Meetup is to explore:

  • Whether holacracy is just a temporary trend, or it offers something sustainable; and
  • Can we talk about it in a comprehensible and transparent way, without jargon or difficult language?


On April 4, our office was filled with 70 people from Poland, France, Austria and Germany, all interested in answering these questions. We met to hear:

1. Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan from SoftwareMill, whose presentation concerned, How to manage in a flat organized, remote and transparent company

The remote “turquoise” is a challenge, although it is not always entirely clear what the difficulties are. It was only through the questions from the presentation that we learned how maintaining such an organizational culture remotely could be done.

2. Marek Konieczniak (translator of “Reinventing Organizations” by F. Laloux) gave us a different, theoretical, but extremely brilliant story, Beyond Business… and back. A discreet way of turquoise. One of the most important conclusions to share with you was:

“Teal – the mindset as a state of consciousness is NOT a tool or instruction for how to build a teal organisation”

The presentation and themes were welcomed by the participants, and although it was a bit far from the “practical” topic, Marek very usefully touched on psychology and how we act as people in self-organized systems.

Marek Konieczniak “Beyond Business… and back. A discreet way of turquoise”.

Our discussion panel with four participants was the place to examine the hottest topics around the “holacracy hype”: “No bosses” and “Holacracy Myths”.

We invited the CEOs of both the companies that have ratified the Holacracy Constitution (Piotr Majchrzak from XSolve and Pawel Jedrzejewski from Sylius) and Jakub Lewicki who has been working in a holacratic company for a long time (PhotoClaim).

Panelists came out with some very interesting statements and insights:

“The great strength of holacracy is the fact that we can achieve controlled chaos”

“If making people happy is what Teal means, then I’d like our company to stay Teal. Happy people lead to happy customers”

“There’s nothing wrong with doing good things for the customers”

“The constitution is the boss — the authority is distributed to all roles”

For sure, we did not have enough time to ask the panelists questions and it was clear that this panel still has a lot of potential value to offer. We promise not to waste it. Why don’t you join us next time?

Post Scriptum

If there is a need to change the mindset of your organization, if you are looking forward to the idea of holacracy in practice, or just want to see “what all the fuss is all about” — join us on the 6th of June in WARSAW for the next Holacracy Practitioners Meetup #3!

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See you! This is the future of our work.
Anna Zarudzka as Holacracy Practitioners Meetup Knight