Holacracy Practitioners Meetup #3 — what is our biggest struggle?

It was third time we had organized the Holacracy Practitioners Meetup — an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and tricks & tips for people who are practicing or adopting Holacracy. Watch the full video from the event HERE.

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What did we focus on this time?

  • What is the biggest struggle during the implementation of Holacracy and how to deal with it?
  • How to implement Holacracy with respect to jobs typically done by managers (hiring, feedback, salaries)?

People from Poland, the Netherlands and Czech Republic joined us at our Warsaw office on June 6th to find answers to those questions.

The event started with an inspiring presentation from our Dutch guest, Ewout Meijer. He talked about Lessons from 6 years of using Holacracy, his experience of the tough implementation process at Springest. Their strategy was strict:

If you don’t like it, maybe it’s not the best place for you to work. This is our way: learn this system.

There are many ways to help people with adopting Holacracy: tools, coaches, a leader who is the main change agent, but in the end, it’s not system for everybody.

During his speech, Ewout shared with us the most important things that Springest discovered during its transition: the value of commitment, clarity of roles and goals, and that adoption is a never-ending process. We also heard about the challenges that Springest is dealing with: recruitment, dealing with salaries and growing as an organization.

The world is changing, organizations are changing. We are never done. You are always working on your company. It’s an ongoing process.


The topic for the discussion panel, hosted by Kamil Mizera, Rep Link of our Growth Circle, was decided by the Hola Meetup’s participants. They voted for the hottest topics and chose: “Who decided how much to pay people in your company?”, “Employee tensions during the transition to Holacracy”, and “How do you deal with the feedback process”.

We invited the Ideas Coach/Networking Evangelist from Springest (Ewout Meijer), the Lead Link of a Videolektor GCC (Ivan Matosyan), the Holacracy Adoption Lead (Jarosław Kroczek) and the Developer/Lead Link of People Tech Growth (Piotr Błasiak) from XSolve, so they could share with you their experiences on those topics.

They came out with thoughts expressing several totally different points of views:

  • “Don’t keep things separate [throw everything into Holacracy]. Experiment, and see how this will evolve.”
  • “Who knows better [about seniority level] than the team working with this person.”
  • “There are some personal boundaries and fear to be exposed to be open to everybody, but we have some brave teams. It’s very personal.” [about salary transparency]
  • “Mostly they don’t know it’s tension they can deal with — that’s the main problem.”
  • “Suddenly things that were easy before were hard, causing a lot of frustrations.”
  • The biggest tension from a developer’s perspective: “The structure of the meetings, everybody wants to do the same as before. The key was for the facilitator to show the positives of this.”
  • “Holacracy for people is like a stick, and we don’t like the sticks. Help them understand why we are doing this instead of only giving them the stick.”
  • “Everybody should be giving feedback all the time, but not everybody is good at giving feedback, so you should train them in this.”
  • “Build a feedback culture, how to give this feedback, how to receive feedback and not feel offended.”
  • “Everyone wants to to get feedback, because otherwise you don’t know if you are doing well.”

Those topics will constantly recur for us and our participants because people still don’t fully understand teal organizations. Anna Zarudzka, founder of Chilid and Lead Link of the Growth Circle summed it up: “what we struggle with is an understanding of the Holacracy myths”. That is why we organize these meetups and we encourage anybody who would like to explore the experiences of other companies to join us.

If this has prompted a thought about Holacracy or you have an unanswered question, please share it with us!

Join us on the 8th of August for Holacracy Practitioners Meetup #4.

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Patrycja Wala as a Holacracy Adoption Lead