The Indigo Award for Professional Website Design in our hands!

On 24th May 2018, in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, Tokyo, the Indigo Design Award Ceremony took place and Chilid could not be missed at this event. Our colleague Paulina Jóźwik, Chilid’s Product Designer, had traveled to Japan to receive an award for our Teal Workplace design. However, this article is not about one award for one person but about the whole team and our unique process of designing and developing digital products which has helped us win this award.

This award is, in fact, well-deserved recognition for a bunch of amazing people who, united by a single goal, formed the team that built the award-winning website. Their work was recognized and honored with an Indigo Award in the Professional Website Design category by a contest’s jury consisting of creative individuals who implement the best design practices in companies like YouTube, Dutchscot, GoDaddy, IKEA, Google and many more. It is also proof that our approach to designing and developing digital products works. How do we do things in Chilid?

Design as a team effort

The Indigo Award for our design could not have happened without a team. That’s why in Chilid we strongly believe that real strength lies not in one  “star employee” but in a well-integrated team and a transparent process. Therefore we form interdisciplinary teams where specialists from different areas of expertise work with each other hand in hand, day by day.

It wasn’t so different in the case of Teal Workplace. The team consisted of a product designer, front-end developers, Product Owner, and Scrum Master who were working together to build this digital product. We’ve noticed that direct collaboration between product designers and developers within one team is most beneficial. It improves communication, reaction time for errors, and design implementation which results in delivering regular increments at a fast pace. This is why the Teal Workplace website could and did happen.

And this is a team who made it happen:

Paulina Jóźwik – Product Designer
Jakub Masłoń – Front-End Developer
Mateusz Błyszcz –  Front-End Developer
Maria Polewczyk – Front-End Developer
Michał Rożenek – Front-End Developer
Urszula Rząd – Product Owner
Maciek Uzdrzychowski – Scrum Master

Design as a process

Behind every great digital product hides a well-designed process thanks to which the team can operate and create. For Teal Workplace, we used a lean startup framework and tools which helped us achieve our goals.

For example, to form the product hypothesis, we used impact mapping workshops where the whole team was involved in setting goals and mapping user stories. During the development process, we created and tested prototypes at every stage of the work. We started with simple drawings, then we designed infographics, then we prepared animations. We were learning from iteration to iteration by testing our concepts which, putting it simply, resulted in the Teal Workplace website.

We also ensured proper communication within the team by using Slack and Jira extensively. It helped us to keep focused and speed up the exchange of information. Thank to the lean approach and tools we had been using, we made some great design improvements, like coding animation directly into the website instead of uploading it, which increased the loading speed of the page. Lean startup and proper tools helped us work fast and efficiently.

What is Teal Workplace website about?

We created this website from a need to share with the community our way of thinking about Teal space. Our HQ office in Gliwice has been designed and arranged as a place where our people can not only work, but can spend time bonding with each other. The office in which they each spend a third of their day has to stimulate their creativity, support teamwork and offer spaces to relax and catch their breath. This website illustrates all these aspects of our office in the most interactive way, simultaneously presenting how the design of our teal office was evolving. The goal was to enable users to experience the design and to show them how they too can create a teal space in their work environment.

Award-winning design

The Teal Workplace website is the result of a groundbreaking approach to thinking about design. Instead of following the beaten path on which designer and front-end developer both work practically separately, we make a team out of them. Instead of two separate processes, we have one, energized by a lean startup framework. Instead of one “star employee,” we have one goal uniting people within the team. All these elements and many more resulted in creating Teal Workplace – a website honored by the Indigo Design Award.