Machine learning and… a new Rembrandt picture!

A few reflections inspired by Łodź Design Exhibition.

Next Rembrandt

The last Łódź Design was not only the review of the good polish design but also the reflection of trends and new ways.

Machine learning – smart prediction of the future… in the past…

New possibilities and perspectives are in front of us… but also many question marks…
Are you a fan of the most famous Dutch artist? “The Next Rembrandt” shows a piece that he might have painted if he had lived longer. The image is made possible by machine learning algorithms that analysed scans of previous works by Rembrandt. The final result (including composition, facial character, colours) was based on real measurements and algorithms.
It’s not just another copy of a masterpiece but a totally new “painting” which could be relentlessly “painted” or maybe “spat out” by the algorithms over and over again. What does this mean for the artist and for creativity?
Technologies may fundamentally change the process of creative work and design development. Furthermore – they refer to new kinds of research and methodology. One thing is sure – this is real; the future is now.

Machine learning

Creativity & machines –
an (un)ideal couple nowadays.
Something new is coming. On the horizon, there are new process standards using new, emerging tools like machine learning with an adaptive natural network.
Online platform “Logojoy” pretends… that the real design work & process is made by a designer. Based on the user’s selection of styles, typography, icons… the software generates a custom logo design. By tracking user choices, the app learns an algorithm to define the rules. This is the “artificial designer”. But is it truly creative and smart? And how worth are such “ready-mades works”?

Nothing revealing – the product must love the users!
Good products are like tools. Good functionality builds engagement and real relationships with users. And users will love the products!
An exhibition of old-school products which are still useful and still sellable and desired in the market, together with over a century of experience, are the best example of good practice.
They are good examples that sum up the design process and all its steps.

Polish design is cool & professional, yes… it is!
The Business Up project proved it; a collection of exceptional Polish designs based on local materials and manufacturing processes. They are pretty too! They are well designed and based on local materials and manufactures and… did I say pretty. The users should love them, mainly because they are made for them (with user testing practice).
40 polish brands with the potential to conquer the international market. Real examples which are ready to be shown abroad. We are proud of them.
The connection between the designer & development team and the final user is dynamic and growing very fast.



Hmmm… It’s good to have a Polish brand 🙂 (yes, that’s the summary)
And whether we like it or not – the Future is now! There are many question marks about artificial intelligence, but… we are ready for them! It’s another concept likely to prove itself to be just like electricity or the internet… It opens a door to a world of new approaches…