Things I learned in Berlin Awwwards conference.

Subjective summary & list of tips.

Awwwards Berlin

Digital dreamers, design thinkers, web developers, UX and UI designers all met in one place. It’s always good to be up to date, inspired, and with such a cool state of mind.

Here, you can find a short list of tips after the Awwwards conference:

Coffee breaks, dance & exercises
Do anything that helps you break your work routine. Sitting for too long in front of the computer, as well as being bad for your health, isn’t always good for your creativity or the project. Oxygen is good for your brain 🙂

Work with your hands!
Get away from your computer and do something manual. The computer is only a medium. Don’t be it’s slave. The real design process is in your brain 🙂 so, use it in the most effective and fun-giving way.

Client cooperation
Respect and cooperate with your client, but always remember that you are the “creator”. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be stubborn, blind or deaf; always be open-minded, emphatic, and try to design the best solution.

Have fun and enjoy!
That’s not a secret, but for sure it’s the first step towards ensuring creativity, engagement, and open-mindedness. It could be the promise of success, don’t waste it.

Be brave!
Go on, take on new challenges! Do something new. It’s a great opportunity to stay open-minded, think outside the box, and learn something new.

Don’t put bad stuff in your portfolio
Show only your good projects. Otherwise, you will always duplicate bad work and cooperate with unwanted clients. Always keep in mind that you will attract the kind of project you are showing in your portfolio.

Personal projects
Next to commercial work, it’s a good idea to keep your own creative space. There is the golden balance suggested by Anthon&Irene: 60% client projects with 40% personal give 60% satisfaction.

Take care of the visual design
Build products that are useful, but don’t forget that it can be (must be) pretty too. There is no doubt that an app must be engaging. But a characteristic visual style can be the biggest advantage nowadays.

Look forward and combine it with past experiences
Innovation is about predicting the days to come. But there must always be something. Technology isn’t just about the future and being first. It’s about the relevance now and crafting meaningful experiences.

Always blame yourself
You should take full responsibility for your project. Being completely responsible is the key to creating the best result. Only fight with yourself and always make sure that you create the best work possible.

Ask yourself
Remember the mandatory question during project work “why are you doing it”. Ask about every little thing you do and explain your concept and realization. The reason “because I just like doing it” is forbidden! Always think about the users or business needs and strategy.

No layers & straight feedback
Direct contact and communication produce more attention, time, and focus on the project, give more engagement and place responsibility on your shoulders. So, eliminate the proxy and make the structure as flat as possible.


It all can seem obvious and close to our culture and values at Chilid, but it’s always good and inspiring to hear it from someone on the wider scene.

Awwwards community is close to us as we won our 9th honorable mention this year. It was cool that we had the opportunity to meet in person in the iconic city of Berlin.

Hope to see you soon!