Web Summit 2017 subjective summary

Below I share with you 5 words, which stays in my head as Web Summit 2017 summary

My very short personal summary of WebSummit 2017 should be started with the greetings for a free ticket, thanks to the Women in Tech initiative – whatever I think about this kind of “parity”, I took advantage of the privilege and went to Lisbon this year.

Below I share with you 5 words, which stays in my head as 2017 summary:

1. Responsibility

The light was on the seemingly obvious topics these days: cyber-security, attacks, resilient growth, access to technology for everyone in the world – all of that is in our hands and we have to deal with it. The main stage was full of scary visions, statements and discussions appealing to our humanity.

2. Future

At the same time other stages (as Binate.io) had no barriers to present the amazing future of technology 🙂 Centre Stage was scaring with and haunting, what other stages got applauded.

3. Party hard?

I’m definitely getting older. Maybe that’s why I expect more from the parties and do not want to attend the “teenager’s house party” feeling events. It wouldn’t be difficult to make it better with some simple improvements, it could be crucial if 68% of all are senior managers 🙂
I think that I’m not only one with this opinion – Hub Creativo Beato official party yesterday had max. 200 participants – not so impressive result, when you have 60k+ attendees.

4. Design 

Design’s changed its name, which is now distributed to many words and meanings. There is not so hot Web Summit topic any more, even on the additional stages. Quite obvious, but surprising – dividing the world on “techy” and “creative” has long been inactive and is artificial. In the context of IoT and AI design changed its face, but its weight is still worth raising. Maybe next year.

5. Dublin

Nothing about the city itself, but there is no doubt that it was a great choice to change the venue and the city. First of all, because the city seemed fully prepared for conferences in every detail, on the other hand I did not have the feeling of a full glimpse of the city by the Web Summit attendees.


Besides all words above, there is still no doubt that WebSummit is almost for everybody, who touches the current world from one of that many perspectives – business, tech, fashion, music, new management, future of work, recruitment and many more.

I had a great chance to participate with my colleagues and friends who are really not web / software oriented – their completely different perspective of the conference allowed me to see its variety.

Oh! I forgot about Cars! We are a part of amazing time when cars are the topic again, so intensive, that you could listen about it dozen speeches and find it in many city corners. Late in the global race, BMW and Mercedes proudly presented their new models, and the line of people willing to see them did not diminish for a moment.

See you next year!